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As you will notice in the comparison table below, the lowest price isn't always the best solution. But there is something else, far more important to consider... 

There's no way we can deny the efficiency of a classic stink bomb with its rotten egg odour. It's a horrid smell that can empty a room in a very short space of time! Everyone has been a victim of such a prank and consequently everyone knows the distinctive smell. And there lies the problem! The effect is not as good as it could be because we know the odour so, as soon as we get a whiff of it, we instinctively ask, "Who's the bastard that let off the stink bomb?" and then begins the hunt for the culprit.

Not so with LiquidASS because people only know this odour when it comes from a really awful fart, a bad case of diarrhea, or when someone has walked in a dog turd. The same applies to BARFume and its stink of vomit. Of course, we will still look for the culprit only this time it won't be the prankster.

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