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Despite their outrageous potency, our range of products are non-toxic and their effects will disappear after a few minutes/hours dependent on the amount of product applied.

 Is LiquidASS safe?
A.  Yes. All our products have been tested by independent laboratories and their Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) notes that "No known hazardous ingredient is present." 

Q. What are the ingredients that were used in the making of LiquidASS?
A. Well, believe it or not, LiquidASS did not come from genuine turds, even if your nose leads you to think the opposite. We are unable to divulge the recipe because the ingredients are a trade secret. However, LiquidASS has been tested to be used without putting anyone in danger. Nonetheless, ingesting it is strongly discouraged. It's a fart spray, NOT a drink! And the same applies to our other products.

Q. Why are the bottles of Merdique and KwiZZine never full?
A. As shown on the label, each bottle contains 30ml of product. The bottles used for LiquidASS and BARFume can contain a maximum of 30ml. If you place a bottle of LiquidASS next to a bottle of Merdique, for example, you will instantly notice how the latter is taller. This is because it can hold up to 50ml. Hence the 20ml of empty space.

Q. Can LiquidASS leave stains on clothing?
A. LiquidASS, BARFume, and KwiZZine are practically clear and should not leave any stains. In fact, whilst transparent during application, they may be lightly visible on pure white clothing. Merdique, by the way, is not clear and can leave a brown mark on lighter clothing. However, this will easily disappear once the garment has been washed.

Q. How long will the stink of LiquidASS last after being applied?
A. How long is a piece of string? Results will vary depending on ventilation, humidity, the size of the room, and the dose applied... In general, when used indoors with average ventilation, one third of a bottle will generate an unbearable stench for 1 to 3 hours whilst a smaller dose of 4 to 5 squirts can last anything from 5 to 10 minutes. 

Q. Are there any places one should avoid?
A. Immediately following application, LiquidASS will begin to impregnate the air with its unique stench of diarrhea. It is pointless using it outdoors or in well-ventilated areas because its effect will be lost in a few seconds. Likewise our other products. Think about the quickest way to get rid of cooking odors in the kitchen. You open the window! Why would a fart spray be any different?

Experience has shown that a large dose of LiquidASS is required if you want to penetrate cigarette smoke. Even when the room is smoke-free, carpets and textiles impregnated with nicotine will absorb LiquidASS like a sponge.

Q. Does your LiquidASS really come from the USA?
A. We sell only the original US version; never an Asian counterfeit. It's our only way to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We recognize Chinese manufacturing skills in this line of business. That's why we've developed other products that do not compete with LiquidASS or BARFume. The quality and durability of our other products has been rigorously tested before offering them for sale. Click HERE to learn more about the birth of KwiZZine and Merdique.
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