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The testimonials below come from a mix of French, British, and American users. Don't hesitate to submit your own experience. A form for doing that has been provided at the base of this page.

"Kwizzine is prodigiously powerful. It exceeds my expectations. Despite coming packed in two freezer bags it stung my eyes and nose. Just opening the parcel, I was laughing so much because it reeked of rancid garlic. I deployed in the cinema and on door handles.

Victims grimace at first, and you can hear them begin to complain "it stinks here!" and due to the persistence of the smell which keeps on gathering strength, they become annoyed and start sniffing in all directions to find out where it's coming from ... It had me laughing my ass off!

As for my abundantly sprayed doorknob victims, they would sniff their hand repeatedly with an air of disgust then quickly put it in a pocket to hide the smell. It is impossible to concentrate with Kwizzine around."

"Little act of revenge on noisy neighbors that went a bit wrong. 5 to 10 shots of this product almost killed us for a week ... Saying that the smell lasts 2-3 hours is a euphemism when the building is poorly ventilated! Everyone was able to savor this delicious smell. Unfortunately, we were in the front row too!

The positive side is that we really had a good time!

"I used kwizzine in my friend's camping car. He hit me!"

"As this product has only recently been released, being an experienced Liquid ASS prankster, I was eager to put it to the test!

I was at our local indoor petanque club. Having just finished a game, I was in the process of sitting down when one of my colleagues ripped the chair out from under me and ran off with it. As I had a bottle of Merdique in my pocket I followed him so I could spray his stolen chair. 2 squirts later and the club's natural ambiance was interrupted with shouts of:
« Damn it! What's that awful stink? »
« I'd say manure! »
« No, that's cow shit! »
« The drains must be blocked again » which was swiftly followed by...
« No, it was that asshole. He's got some kind of stink bomb in his pocket. I saw him using it!! »

Roughly 10 minutes after that, the lady that runs the bar came over ... « I've been told you are the one who has stunk the place out. Do you think that's funny? We can't breathe over there!! If you ever do that again, you will be banned from here! Have I made myself clear? »

Despite the shit I got myself into, there was one thing that had become 100% obvious to me ... Merdique delivered on its promise. It is just as potent as Liquid ASS, even if its smell is totally different. I love it!"
- Adrian E.

"Brilliant, this product. The odour smells really good lool, stinks of a wet fart or maybe even vomit, I would say. In short a truly offensive smell. I sprayed a small amount in my WC and the stench held for ages. 2 to 3 hours later I could still smell it on myself: yeuuuch!!

Good product for pranks, for vengeance, even for self-protection. Genuinely excellent in areas with poor ventilation. You won't regret it." 

"What convinced me to buy this product was the comments made by other fact, they are way below the reality... That thing.. It's hell in a spray ..unbearable, disgusting, makes you want to spew.. Just thinking about what I will do with it makes me gag with laughter! 

I tried it in the entrance hall of a supermarket whilst watching people's reactions from my car. It took me 10 minutes to recover. How can I describe the smell? Concentrated diarrhea mixed with vomit. A chemical weapon of the 21st century. I would prefer to be sprayed with tear gas than have to suffer that!"

"I am STUNNED! This product performed beyind all my expectations! The stench is extraordinarily potent! To give you an idea, the smell is so similar to dog shit that anyone who doesn't know what it really is becomes totally convinced it's the real thing!

This product will evacuate an entire classroom. That I can guarantee you!"
- Michael T.

"My daughter and I performed a LiquidASS attack of which I am very proud. We went to a bookstore and sprinkled the staircase to the comics section. We placed ourselves strategically so we could observe the results of our attack while pretending to read a comic book. The stink quickly spread everywhere to the point that the manager accused a staff member of not having cleaned the store before opening! At that point it was rather tricky to refrain from bursting out laughing ..."
- Clément P.

"Very stinky effect guaranteed! It smells of shit!!! You can't stay in the area you have sprayed. I tried it in the letterbox of a nasty neighbor!! You can't get away from the smell because it follows you. It's the most enjoyable way of getting revenge I have come across!!!

I'm also going to use it as a method of self-defense, to spray on anyone that bothers me, directly in the face. It's just as efficient as tear gas!! A truly amazing product which I highly recommend, and yes it is preferable to wear a glove or at least be careful not to get it on your finger when spraying. If you do, wash your hands with soap and the smell will disappear immediately.

I received the item very quickly, well wrapped and protected. I can recommend this seller."

"I'm really happy with this product. I used it during a project presentation. I should add that everybody was really stressed-out. It was total carnage! I had no idea of the amount I needed to use. 7 squirts later I came to understand my error ..... the room which was over 50m² had been completely contaminated resulting in it being closed-off to all students for the next 3 hours. The smell was so bad that two people, somewhat sensitive to the odour, began throwing up ^^. According to the establishment's director, there must have been a problem with the sewage. He was right because I absolutely pissed myself!

Now I'm going to try Barfume.

Thanks once again!!"

"Too old to get up to pranks now. I did plenty of that in my youth. I purchased your product for another reason. What I mean is, to get rid of the yobs squatting in my corridor. Grrrr !!!
They have gone. The deal is done. The wankers have finally departed, thanks to Liquidass."


"I performed my first stunt in a poorly ventilated corridor. The result was instantaneous, the stench was awful, all my friends believed my explanation : I had shit myself.

Liquidass is a mixture of a seriously bad case of diarrhea and a dog turd scraped across the parquet flooring. Even when you know the true source, it is impossible to breathe in that terrible smell.


"This is the first time I have purchased a spoof product like this. I must admit I was surprised by the invitation to join your Masterclass. Even though you guys claimed it was FOC I felt sure you were going to ask me for money somewhere down the line but I signed up anyway. I want to thank you for all the work you put into it. It was well worth the time spent reading and discovering some incredibly innovative ways for using the product. I guarantee I would never have considered any of the tactics you shared!

If you could come up with some kind of electronic recipient for holding Liquid Ass that could open itself after a variable delay of between 30 to 60 seconds, I would definitely be interested!"


"1. Attention to packaging : Envelope and product well wrapped, no leakage of odour.
 2. Product quality : Excellent product, I couldn't imagine anything that stinks worse. Incredibly efficient!!!
 3. Speed of delivery : Faster than the company claimed!

Thank you for the uncontrollable laughter and the bonus years of life you have provided with this product!"

"The best! Fun times assured...
It's almost an art.
When you have a bunch of beautiful big-headed chicks in front of you, a couple of squirts behind and they are no longer the centre of attention!
Otherwise, when you have a crowd of people waiting in the same spot, a quick squirt...or maybe 3 or 4, and a riot will begin with everyone being suspicious of the person they are standing next to.

One use amongst so many others.

Oh, and in communal areas, one squirt is enough to get people choking.

Thanks for these products."

"Nothing to criticize, it works far better than I thought it would... In fact it's a catastrophe, people gagged in the lift, and somehow the stink even managed to follow me home. My cat could smell it under the door. It's worse than a stink bomb!"

"Unbelievably efficient, the laughter...I mean uncontrollable laughter, is guaranteed. Ideally, you need to discreetly film the reaction of your "victims" :)

"A truly insuffrable smell!! No comparison with the old rotten egg type stink bomb; this one goes way beyond that!!! The only negative points I can think of: the smell evaporates faster than I had hoped for...and the price is quite high...but I will buy it again."

"Very efficient! Small but potent...perfect! Slips into your pocket. 
Ideal for getting rid of squatters. I recommend you wear gloves." :) 

"I bought this product to use at a stag night. My goal was to "putrify" the car and the flat of the groom to be... What can I say? It really stinks of shit :-), nothing like the famous stink bombs. And because I had to finish the bottle (I mean you wouldn't want to waste it), we let rip in the bar where we went to get smashed. You should have seen the faces of the other patrons!"

"Perfect, what else can one say. At first, I had my doubts over what people were saying about it stinking ... but one tiny squirt at home, when alone, in the sitting room, was all it took to convince me just how powerful this product really was. Frankly, I'm totally satisfied! Now I need to learn how to use it without bursting into fits of laughter.
Conclusion: Super efficient!!!"

"Perfect, the product is exactly as described, truly disgusting! Super!!" ;)

"Incredibly funny. The smell is horrible. It doesn't smell like a stink bomb, it smells like an arsehole. With this product you are guaranteed to laugh yourself silly."

"This is the second time I have purchased from your site.
I discovered this product whilst I was in the United States.
When the Monaco Grand prix begins this will be the ultimate weapon! 
Thanks once again."

"Originally, I was somewhat skeptical as to whether I should buy this product. But in the end, I have absolutely no regrets! This product is pure magic! Can't be compared with a pack of 3 "classic" stink bombs. For this price you can perform over 30 attacks! One would have to say it smells of a genuine dog turd, so much so that it's impossible to get caught as nobody can tell the difference between this and the real thing! 

Let me add, the item was well-wrapped, arrived rapidly and was accompanied by a most unusual yet highly original form of customer service, which I found fun and professional. It made me want to try the other products in their range. If, like me, you are worried whether the product will live up to its reputation or whether you will actually receive the goods, I promise you can trust them completely!"

"The other day the postman brought me my bottle of liquid@ss. I wanted to try it at home before unleashing it at work. I went into the kitchen where I gave the tiniest squirt and waited... Within a minute the kitchen stank as though an entire football team had overdosed on chilli the night before.

The smell was such that the cat entered the kitchen and began scraping at the floor with his paw, just as though he was attempting to bury an invisible turd! I have purchased other fart sprays which didn't really smell of farts. Not so with liquid@ss!

A word of warning: The effects are best when deployed in a room with more than 3 people present. Crowded dance halls during a wedding reception are ideal! To get the best results, don't abuse it. Only the worst of human farts would be potent enough to empty an entire room. This stuff is extremely powerful so you need to use it sparingly for it to be realistic. And keep it a secret! DON'T LET ANYONE KNOW you have the product. As soon as they find out the fun and games will be over."

"Just to clarify something here ... this product does not smell of farts. If you think that it does, check your own underwear. It stinks of ass. A great, hairy, poorly wiped, rarely washed, infected, decomposing ASS. In fact, I worry that it may not be artificial ingredients after all, but real residue from somebody's asshole. It's that disgusting!

I tested it at work. I kept my eye on the lift, watching people enter one after another, only to run straight out and take the stairs. Just for one floor but it was a god send by comparison, even for the excessively overweight lady who also preferred the staircase. Then in the office. Fortunately, my neighbor has an electric fan blowing air far from my cubicle. I could hear all the complaints from "excrement" to "a dead rat". An elderly gentleman went to the bathroom to check his underwear, just in case...

I wouldn't recommend this as an eau de Cologne."
- Greg S.

"It truly lives up to all the hype! I purchased two bottles of this product last week after having watched all the videos and reading the comments on YouTube. I didn't regret it at all. LiquidASS is without doubt the most revolting smell I have encountered in my 29 years of life.

The only way to explain the smell is to imagine placing a pile of cat crap in a bathtub filled with rotten eggs and vomit, then letting the whole lot marinate under the sun for a few weeks. Two squirts were enough to make my wife nauseous, and me, well I died with laughter. This is really a soul-destroying stench!

If you enjoy playing pranks on unsuspecting victims, this is the product for you, but be warned, LiquidASS has the power to wreck a marriage. LOL" 

"HORRID! Be prepared to vomit if you get too close to a dose of this transparent liquid. I ran off 6 to 7 squirts in a lift and I could still smell it 5 hours later when I returned. By this time the smell was less pervasive but it still gave the impression of someone with dog turd on his shoes having just exited.
Recommended for winding-up your friends and pissing-off your enemies. Spraying door handles is a cruel way to really upset people. Disgusting!

If you end up in hell, this is definitely the smell you will be made to suffer for eternity." 

"Really putrid! I had forgotten I had even ordered the product, so when the postman delivered it I had no idea what it was. However, I could already smell it through the envelope, which aided in reminding me.

This stuff truly smells like some kind of excrement, mixed with body sweat, urine, and maybe a hint of vomit.


> Not expensive
> Stinks of dog shit
> Extremely strong
> Lasts a long time
> As you know what it is, you can just about put up with it, a bit like your own farts!


> You must keep it a secret, otherwise the fun will be ruined...
> You will have to suffer the smell along with your victims
> Be careful when spraying or you may get it on yourself."

"We bought it for a different reason - we used it on a neighbour who persisted in allowing his dog to shit in our garden (and of course he never cleaned-up after his dog). We were able to discretely spray some under his front door which gave the impression that his dog had finally chosen to do its thing in his own garden. 

This stuff does what they claim, and lasts for quite a while." 
- K. KAT

"I have a problem .... A mother-in-law problem. She and her husband are the most terrible racist, homophobe people I know. She is currently involved in legal battles with 6 different parties and she spends her days trying to be as offensive as possible. We try to have minimal contact with them, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. They have a tendance to extend their visits and announce they intend staying with us without even asking. We addressed the situation tactfully, but never achieved the results we wanted. This time I was ready ... with a bottle of LiquidASS!

I slipped into our room a few hours before their arrival. I placed some tissue sprayed with LiquidASS under the sheets. 6 squirts on each side. Imagine if you will: the ass sweat of the world's fattest man combined with the smell of a dead cat. It was a smell that could cause a pregnant woman to abort.

An hour later, the room stank so much, I was forced to turn on the fan to reduce the smell a bit. The plan was for the horrible smell to be noticed only when under the sheets, not above. Something they would have realized too late to request a change of sheets (we decided to go to bed early so they could not make such a request). It worked perfectly, above the sheets the air was fresh, but once in the bed... ;)

Guess who had to cut short their stay after that?

I hope it will deter future visits. Many thanks for LiquidASS!"

"A breath of LiquidASS and POW, I was floored! I saw yellow, then threw up!
Can you imagine working in the factory that makes this atrocious stench?

Good God, this stuff is great!" 

"I don't usually find time to write reviews but in this case I had to make an exception. I agree with most other reviews of this product that the odor produced with two or three rapid shots could feasibly end a marriage. It could even elicit tears from a pair of glass eyes! I can attest to the fact that the cat made attempts to bury the nonexistent dung by scraping the ground. The dog sneezed then high-tailed it.

Advantages: Works as well or better than advertised with the advantage of reminding an old man of the had fun playing tricks on people during his childhood. The smell reminds me of acidic vomit soaked in putrid crotch rot which has been left to ferment in a gym locker for three hot days.

Disadvantages: It is almost impossible not to laugh hysterically at the reaction of your victim once he is exposed to the stench.

In conclusion, I do not remember laughing this hard since my youth and I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys playing a good prank. This substance could maybe even make a maggot gag.
You have been warned ... " 

"This stuff is great ... buy it and you will see how much fun it is. I like to take this product to the mall or in supermarkets. It's great to use on rude employees in stores. Are there too many people in the checkout queue? A single squirt will pave the way for you! Someone jumped the queue? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, now you know what to do!!!"

"One sniff and you are likely to create your own Barfume. I promise you, it is up to the same standards the company set with 'Liquid Ass'. This vomit in a bottle is so evil (and realistic) that following a brief sniff of the spray button I almost threw up. It has that stale, sour smell that leaves your victims with little doubt that someone sicked-up a few moldy leftovers in the immediate vicinity!" 

"Barfume is really disgusting! The smell is almost perfect. You can even sense the acidity. For those who have a weak stomach, beware, or you may end up vomiting yourself. I highly recommend it!"

"Prepare to be surprised Trying LiquidASS on an unsuspecting colleague is a rather interesting experience. It has such a strong smell, nothing like rotten eggs or sulfur; it's more like a cross between a dead, decaying animal and a batch of fresh entrails. It is quite long lasting and while wearing off, the lingering smell can be compared to the feces of a domestic pet. Do not store it in the drawer of a desk ............. It is very strong!" 

"This stupid item was a big hit at Christmas - but you need to be very careful if you do not want to cause chain reaction vomiting. - Barfume makes some people yawn in technicolor."

"LiquidASS is worth its price! Definitely a great farce. Doesn't smell like farts. It's more like dog shit or something that died."

"Well, I'm not really sure what I can add to the previous comments because they are all true. I do not know why, but I bought this thing imagining it would smell of shit. A smell of shit? WRONG! Oh my god, I was really mistaken.

Ever been stuck behind someone in a checkout line during the Christmas shopping season, standing, trapped for half an hour, only to notice the person in front of you has not used soap and flannel on his posterior for almost a month? Remember that smell? Well, give yourself a few squirts of this and relive that moment.

It does not smell like a fart. It does not smell like shit. It smells of ASS. PURE, unfiltered, undiluted ASS!"

"First, a little history. My brother was sprayed by a skunk ... TWICE! So he knows the real stench. I thought it would be fun to unscrew the nozzle and throw the whole bottle's contents on my brother. CAUTION: DO NOT try this at home, it was a terrible, terrible mistake! Once covered in this wicked liquid he fell to his knees, vomiting violently! Of course I found it extremely funny, until the stench hit me like a high-speed train.

I have already experienced pepper spray, but this was worse. My eyes flowed with tears and gagged uncontrollably. I could not run away fast enough. My brother said it was 100 times worse than being sprayed by a skunk. Once he returned to his senses, he undressed and ran straight for the shower.

If your ass smells more or less like this unpleasant product, run (do not walk) to the nearest hospital!"
- J. BOI

"I work with pranksters and waited to get revenge after finding a sticker on my car. LiquidASS was just the job. I sprayed the stuff in the cloakroom and rest room at work. When the gang entered their expressions were priceless. Two of them checked the soles of their shoes and the other began to flush water down the drains as well as checking the toilets for leaks. A mad rush ensued in search of a dead animal. When the secretary entered the rest room, she took one breath and left immediately mumbling something about personal hygiene.

Just before the end of the day, I knocked out a few more squirts in the locker room and on a coat belonging to the guy who set me up earlier. His carpool buddy suggested he should wipe his ass more carefully. They left with the windows of their van lowered."

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