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Here's a collection of amateur videos, mostly American, to give you an idea of what some people have been doing with LiquidASS and BARFume. KwiZZine and Merdique were only introduced in 2019 so have yet to become the subjects of videographers. We thoroughly encourage you to share your own exploits on YouTube and send us the links. For each video published to YouTube and/or DailyMotion you will receive one bottle of each of our products so you can play many more pranks! More details can be found below.
He Who Dares! April Fool Poop Prank Bondage Prank London Tube Ride Try NOT to Laugh! (2016 edition) Elevator Shenanigans Say it with Flowers Mouthwash Prank LiquidASS Nasal Drops Shopping Truck Trap Friend Killer Howie do it? The Infamous LiquidASS Barbecue Barfume & LiquidAss in Co-Worker's Truck Opie & Anthony: Liquid Ass In-store Mayhem! LiquidASS punishment for losing at poker
Share Yours!

You captured some of the fun you had with LiquidASS on video and you can't wait to let 1000's of others see what you did. We are going to reward you for your effort!

People are always searching for LiquidASS and BARFume videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. All you need to do is upload your video to YouTube and in the description field add your comments beginning with "After buying a bottle of LiquidASS from, ...." or "After having discovered LiquidASS at I decided to try it myself ...." If you have used one of our other products, just substitute the name LiquidASS with the relevant product.

These products are almost unknown in France so when people see your video quite a few of them will become motivated to play their own pranks. That's why it is so important to give them the link to our site. It's not important how you include the link in your video. All that matters is that they know where to get it from should they desire to try it themselves.

Once you have uploaded your clip to YouTube, let us know so we can watch it too. To show our appreciation we will send you 1 bottle of each of our products. Do the same on DailyMotion using an identical description and you will get another 4 bottles, etc., etc....

If your video is really amusing and original, we will add it to this video gallery (no repeats of pranks already included please!).

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